In this tutorial, I will  help you to understand the basics of Salesforce. is number One on-demand CRM in the market. runs on platform, it is cheaper compared to other CRM tools in the market. With the help of, we can deliver the application in a short time.

Salesforce is a cloud based platform, it is available on the cloud , we don’t need to install any software and also no hardware cost in required. All we need is a computer and internet connection to work with Salesfoce.

With the help of Salesforce, you can customize applications or you can even buy applications on demand from app-exchange.

Salesforce provides three releases every year: Winter release, Spring release and Summer release. With each release Salesforce provides lot of new functionality and these release will not impact your existing functionality.

About (SFDC)  is a company founded by Mark Benioff in year 1999. Salesforce has become No 1 world-wide leader of CRM.

Why we should choose Salesforce?

  • It is No. 1 on- demand CRM. You don’t need to install any software.
  • Salesforce runs on a platform- It is comparatively cheaper than other CRM tools in the market
  • It provides Pay-as- you go model.
  • Salesforce has App Exchange– it is a marketplace to sell and buy applications

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