In this tutorial, I will  help you to understand the basics of Salesforce. Salesforce.com is number One on-demand CRM in the market. Salesforce.com runs on Force.com platform, it is cheaper compared to other CRM tools in the market. With the help of Salesforce.com, we can deliver the application in a short time.

Salesforce is a cloud based platform, it is available on the cloud , we don’t need to install any software and also no hardware cost in required. All we need is a computer and internet connection to work with Salesfoce.

With the help of Salesforce, you can customize applications or you can even buy applications on demand from app-exchange.

Salesforce provides three releases every year: Winter release, Spring release and Summer release. With each release Salesforce provides lot of new functionality and these release will not impact your existing functionality.

About Saleforce.com (SFDC)

Salesforce.com  is a company founded by Mark Benioff in year 1999. Salesforce has become No 1 world-wide leader of CRM.

Why we should choose Salesforce?

  • It is No. 1 on- demand CRM. You don’t need to install any software.
  • Salesforce runs on a Force.com platform- It is comparatively cheaper than other CRM tools in the market
  • It provides Pay-as- you go model.
  • Salesforce has App Exchange– it is a marketplace to sell and buy applications

Basics of Apex programming

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