Top 5 User Experience issues in Lightning Experience:

As a user of Salesforce for so many years, I was used to working with Salesforce Classic but with the release of Lightning UI, I am falling in love with the new UI.While there are so many positive things with lightning but I also faced many frustrations with using Lightning UI. Tha majority of these … Read more

Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is Salesforce?? Salesforce is a company founded by Marc Benioff. Revenue of the company comes from a cloud-based CRM tool also referred as Salesforce CRM.   2) What is Sandbox??? Sandbox is a copy of production database. Before making any changes in the production, the changes are first tested in Sandbox and if … Read more

Update regarding JavaScript Course

Thank you for stopping by. The wait is over, first half of my new JavaScript course is LIVE on udemy, and for today and tomorrow, you can enroll in the course for just $10. Only for today and tomorrow. If you are struggling with JavaScript, I will highly recommend you to take this course. My courses … Read more

How to use JavaScript inside Visualforce pages?

Using JavaScript inside Visualforce pages gives you access to a large range of existing JavaScript functionality, such as JavaScript libraries, and other ways to customize your pages. Action tags, like <apex:actionFunction> and <apex:actionSupport>, support Ajax requests. The best way for including JavaScript inside a Visualforce page is placing the JavaScript in a static resource, then … Read more

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