Basics of Writing a Salesforce Test Class

In this blog post, I will cover some basic concepts while writing your Test class in Salesforce.I will be using some code snippets to illustrate : seeAllData: Using this annotation isTest(seeAllData=true) you will be able to access the records in your organization.If you are fetching records from the database in your test class, then set … Read more

Top 5 Favorite Lightning UI Features

In this blog post, I will discuss about my top 5 favorite lightning UI features. I hope you will enjoy this blog post. Here is the list of my favorite Lightning UI features: 1) Drag and Drop Homepage Components: The homepage of Lightning UI is fully drag and drop. You can customize it according to your … Read more

10 Salesforce Extensions That Will Make You Salesforce Expert

In this blog post, I have listed some of the highly productive Salesforce Extensions on Google Chrome. To make it easier, I have categorized extension on the basis of functionality.Please take a look at these extensions and let me know which is your favorite extension and why? Salesforce Chrome Extensions that you must use We … Read more

Why Platform Developer 1 Certification is so important?

As you already know, Salesforce is one of the hottest technologies out there. Mentioning Salesforce Platform Developer Certification is definitely a plus point and makes you stand out from the rest. You might be wondering what is the point of getting certified and what you will gain by getting certified. Well, below are some reasons … Read more

Exception Handling in Salesforce

I always had this bad feeling, that I wasn’t following the best practices handling exceptions in Apex. In most of the cases, I wasn’t doing any exception handling. What is an exception? An exception is a condition which changes the normal flow of program execution.That is when something bad happens which the program can’t handle … Read more

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