salesforce-1-1What is Salesforce Lightning  ?

If you are a salesforce Developer and wants to know about this new Lightning framework then you are at a right place. With the help of this Lightning framework you can build applications at lightning speed wth less time and effort.Lightning is the set of tools and technologies that help you to build application faster.

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What is Salesforce Lightning?  

The lightning component framework is a UI framework  which is helpful in developing web applications for mobile and desktop devices. The framework supports partitioned multi-tier component development that fills the gap between client and server.


Why you should  learn Lightning Framework?

This is the future and knowledge of Lightning framework is one step closer to the next hike in your career. If you want to build your mobile apps faster than lightning components will be very helpful. Lightning components were built for mobile apps, but they also want something responsive also, so with Lightning component framework you can build responsive apps for desktop, mobile and tablets.


Why you should take this course?

  • This course covers everything you need to know to become an expert in lightning.
  • This is not a power-point presentation. In this course, we will build our first Lightning app from scratch.
  • If you are a Salesforce Developer, and want to make Salesforce mobile apps at lightning speed, you must know Lightning.
  • If you like to learn by doing rather than some power-point presentations then this course is for you.
  • If you are ready to build your first Lightning App.

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Module 1 Basics of Lightning Componet Framework  
Unit 1 Introduction to Lightning course
Unit 2 Set up Custom Domains for Salesforce Site
Unit 3 Why Use the Lightning Component Framework?
Unit 4 How Can I Style a Lightning Component with Bootstrap Styling?
Unit 5 Attributes in Action
Unit 6 Component attributes salesforce
Unit 7 Component Composition with example
Unit 8 Conditional Expressions: Using for Conditional Markup
Unit 9 Global Value Providers
Unit 10 Lightning standard components
Unit 11 Working with UI Components
Unit 12 How to make a client-side controller in Salesforce Aura?
Unit 13 Creating an Apex Server-Side Controller
Unit 14 Working with Salesforce Records
Unit 15 Enable Debug Mode for Lightning Components
Module 2 Building our First Lightning App from scratch  
Unit 1 Create a Standalone Lightning App
Unit 2 Creating an Apex Controller
Unit 3 How To Create Salesforce Lightning Apps In The Salesforce?
Unit 4 Build your lightning component
Unit 5 How to create a search bar component in Lightning?
Unit 6 Create lightning component salesforce


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