Most popular AppExchange apps to install

Salesforce administrator manages almost every part of the company, they are responsible for delivering complex project, responsible for training teammates to keep the data clean and up to date.
Good admins always keep themselves updated with new technology,new processes and new apps that will help others to perform better and improve productivity.
Today I will walk you through some very important apps which are used by experienced salesforce consultants to ease their day to day task and also make these apps part of your daily routine.


Favorite Admin Apps:


TaskRay: this app helps to manage projects with ease.
The best part about this TaskRay is it’s very user-friendly. You can manage your meetings with taskRay, this app is one stop shop for everything: it tells you who is working on what, when it’s due, or it’s overdue etc.


FieldTrip: This app gives you great insight into field usage for standard as well as custom objects.You can generate reports on the field usage across objects. Field trip helps you to find out which fields are actually being used, which fields never used, this helps in cleaning of data and also to clean up your page layouts.


FormAssembly: This app creates web forms that gather data and also send data from salesforce. This app is very useful in data entry into salesforce.


Distribution Engine: this app shares leads.
Distribution Engine balances lead distribution, so more leads go to the reps with large quotas.


Calendar Anything: this app creates customizable calendars from any standard or custom object.
CalendarAnything is very useful to map Salesforce releases, it’s useful when upgrading the new sandbox when new projects are coming etc. If the number of projects coming is large, you can update your calendar right there.


Salesforce Chatter Dashboards: it helps to manage and monitor chatter adoption and engagement. With the help of salesforce chatter dashboards, you can install a large number of dashboards and reports quickly in less time.


Salesforce Adoption Dashboards: great insight into user adoption of key features.
This app helps to easily see trends, if we want to compare the number of opportunities created this year with last year, you can find out using this app.


Demand Tools: Control,verify,standardize, deduplicate and import salesforce data. It’s a complete data-quality power tool set.


Milestones PM: it helps to manage and track projects for the entire team. It helps to prioritize every project. We can track projects and see how projects are doing, are we on track or any delays ? if there are any blocking task which needs to be addressed.


Config Workbook: it is useful in extracting data into Excel format. You can use Config workbook along with Field trip to find out what percentage of fields are being used. And with one click you can download the entire workbook of all data about an object.


Draggin’ Role: With this app, you can view, manipulate users and roles from a single custom tab.

I will request you to play around with these apps and download them from AppExchange.



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