visualWhat is Visualforce?

Visualforce is a framework which is used by salesforce developer to build custom user interfaces which can run on platform. Visualforce is also a tag-based markup language just like HTML . Visualforce framework also contains a set of server-side “standard Controllers” which makes database operations like queries or saving very simple. We will learn about controllers in this course.

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Benefits of Visualforce

  • With Visualforce you can override standard buttons like NEW button in Contact page or Account page, Edit button in Account page.
  • With visualforce you can also override tab overview pages ,for e.g. Accounts tab home page.
  • You can define custom tabs
  • You can create custom help pages with visualforce.
  • Build your own UI pages



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Module 1 Visualforce introduction  
Unit 1 Introduction to the course
Unit 2 Visualforce Introduction
Unit 3 Create your own salesforce Developer account
Unit 4 How to enable visualforce Development Mode?
Module 2 visualforce tags with examples  
Unit 1 Create Simple visualforce page
Unit 2 Visualforce Page tag with example
Unit 3 apex page block section item
Unit 4 Add content to apex:pageBlockSection tag
Unit 5 Functions : Date,Time and String functions in visualforce
Unit 6 if condition in visualforce page salesforce
Module 3 Controller in Salesforce  
Unit 1 Visualforce standard controller example
Unit 2 What is apex:detail tag in visualforce?
Unit 3 how to use apex:outputField tag in visualforce?
Unit 4 Display records in table format
Unit 5 Override standard salesforce page with custom visualforce page
Unit 6 How to add Hyperlink for another page in visualforce?
Unit 7 apex:inputField how to get user input field value?
Unit 8 How to render a visualforce page as a PDF document?
Unit 9 Difference between standard controller and custom controller in salesforce
Unit 10 visualforce custom controller with example
Unit 11 visualforce controller extension example

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