salesforce-real-time-project-tIf you  know salesforce and looking for some  real-time project to use your knowledge,then this course is for you.

In this course we will create a Conference Management Application  through this project, we will explore various parts of Salesforce ranging from out-of-the-box features of Salesforce to  advance concepts of APEX like SOQL, Database Methods, Trigger, Test classes and Visualforce.

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Why you should take this course?

  • If you want to use your Salesforce Knowledge to action.
  • If you want to add to new Project to your Resume.
  • If  you don’t like Power Point  Presentation but you enjoy by doing.
  • If you want to take your Salesforce Career to new Heights.


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Module 1 Let's Build our Project  
Unit 1 Introduction to the course
Unit 2 Overview of our Project
Unit 3 How to create Salesforce Developer Account?
Unit 4 How to create custom object in salesforce?
Unit 5 Creating a many-to-many relationship using Junction object
Unit 6 Add custom object for salesforce application
Unit 7 What is junction object and how to create it?
Unit 8 Tabs in salesforce
Unit 9 Page Layouts Salesforce: Build Page Layouts for Custom Objects
Unit 10 Apex tutorial: What is the programming language for
Unit 11 Apex class example: How to create an Apex class?
Unit 12 SOQL statements in salesforce: Writing SOQL Queries
Unit 13 SOQL select statement:soql query in salesforce with example
Unit 14 DML statements in salesforce:DML Statements vs. Database Class Methods
Unit 15 Apex trigger salesforce:how to write an Apex trigger
Unit 16 Apex trigger test class example: How to create a test class for trigger?
Unit 17 Visualforce pages in salesforce :How to create a simple Visualforce page?
Unit 18 Custom controller extension in salesforce: what is custom controller extension?
Module 2 Use Javascript in Visualforce Pages  
Unit 1 Create custom object in salesforce
Unit 2 Javascript in visualforce:add javascript code in visualforce page
Module 3 REST and SOAP WebServices  
Unit 1 Call salesforce rest api from apex and visualforce
Unit 2 Json and xml difference:benefits of Json over xml
Unit 3 Salesforce workbench rest explorer: How to call apex rest service from workbench?
Unit 4 Github code
Unit 5 Salesforce apex http request:How to make a Get request to retrieve records?
Unit 6 Delete a record using APEX rest methods
Unit 7 Salesforce http request post example:Make HTTP post request with example
Unit 8 Assigment
Unit 9 Salesforce http patch request example: difference between Put and Patch
Unit 10 quiz change
Unit 11 Salesforce rest api example :How to make HTTP Get request by Id
Unit 12 Salesforce wrapper class with example
Unit 13 Build HTTP Get request by name to retrieve records
Unit 14 When to use HTTP post or HTTP Put?
Unit 15 How to create a record using HTTP post method?
Unit 16 Pass List of Objects to HTTp post method
Unit 17 How to pass JSon array to Apex rest API post method?
Unit 18 Assignment
Unit 19 Test class in salesforce: What is Apex test class?
Unit 20 Assignment
Unit 21 How to write apex class, trigger class and test class?
Unit 22 Create SOAP Webservice with test class
Unit 23 Interview Question and Answers



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