Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification Course

So you want to learn Salesforce Development but you are struggling to find the right course?

Great, you have come to the right place!  This is not just   a course where you will learn about bunch of things in a very shallow way. You are really going to get really good at Apex. Like a programmer, you won’t worry about the buzzword of the day because you’ll have the fundamental skills to pick up things on your own.

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  1. Focus on what actually matters.
  2. Learn the Apex you need for professional development.

Most courses focus on the syntax and features in Salesforce Apex. You can go through resources like that all day long and not get anywhere. Practical Apex is totally different. It’s 100% focused on how to build application so that you can actually make things.
So I have designed this course specially for students who want to learn about Apex programming. We will learn about Triggers, Test classes, Design Patterns, DML statements, Database Methods, SOSL, SOQL  etc. These topics are also part of the Study guide of Salesforce Platform Developer 1 exam. This course will help you to pass your certification.


  • Students must know basic object-oriented concepts
  • Students musk know the basics of programming language
  • You must have an Internet connection

Who is the target audience?

  • Students who are looking to become Salesforce Developers
  • Students who wants to explore the programming side of Salesforce.
  • Students who are familiar with out-of-the-box features of Salesforce and want to learn about Salesforce APEX programming.

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Below are the content of the course we will cover:

Module 1 Setting up our Salesforce Application
Unit 1 Create Salesforce Developer Account
Unit 2 Overview of our custom app which we will use in this course
Unit 3 Setting up our custom app for this course
Module 2 DML statements
Unit 1 Adding new records to our custom object using DML insert operation
Unit 2 Updating existing records in our custom app using DML update operation NEW
Unit 3 UPSERT operation in Salesforce
Unit 4 DELETE DML in Salesforce
Unit 5 UNDELETE DML statement in Salesforce
Module 3 Database Class Method
Unit 1 DML Statements vs. Database Class Methods
Unit 2 Database.insert method in salesforce
Unit 3 Setting Database Methods Options: optAllOrNone Property
Unit 4 Database.update method in salesforce
Module 4 Salesforce Object Search Language
Unit 1 Difference between SOSL and SOQL in Salesforce
Unit 2 Overview of Salesforce Object Search Language
Unit 3 SOSL Syntax: IN SearchGroup
Unit 4 How to retrieve data from multiple objects in one query?
Unit 5 SOSL query examples in salesforce using Standard object
Module 5 Salesforce Object Query Language
Unit 1 Introduction to SOQL
Unit 2 SOQL Escape Characters with Example
Unit 3 SOQL query in salesforce : Overview
Unit 4 Comparison Operators
Unit 5 Use relationship queries in SOQL
Unit 6 How To Retrieve the Related List Data?
Unit 7 SOQL Query to fetch parent record
Unit 8 Working with Salesforce Aggregate Functions
Unit 9 Salesforce Apex AggregateResult Class
Unit 10 Multiple aggregate functions in one SOQL query
Unit 11 Dynamic SOQL bind variables
Module 6 Triggers in Salesforce
Unit 1 Apex Triggers in salesforce
Unit 2 Trigger Context Variables salesforce
Unit 3 Salesforce Trigger with Example
Unit 4 Salesforce trigger after update with example
Unit 5 Salesforce trigger after insert with example
Unit 6 How to display an error message from a trigger ?
Unit 7 Salesforce before insert trigger with example
Module 7 Apex Design Patterns
Unit 1 Apex Design Patterns : Bulk Design Pattern
Unit 2 Trigger Handler Patterns: Trigger Best Practices
Unit 3 The “One Trigger per Object” design pattern
Module 8 Governor Limits in Salesforce
Unit 1 Governor limits in salesforce
Unit 2 SOQL query governor limit with example part 1
Unit 3 SOQL query governor limit with example part 2
Module 9 Batch Apex in Salesforce
Unit 1 What is Batch Apex? When to use Batch Apex?
Unit 2 Batch apex in salesforce with example
Module 10 Debugging Apex
Unit 1 Set Up Debug Logging
Module 11 Apex Testing
Unit 1 Salesforce Test class for Trigger
Unit 2 Create a test class for trigger?
Module 12 Sample Platform Developer 1 Exam
Unit 1 Platform Developer 1 Sample Paper

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