Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers:

In this blog post, I will be presenting some common Salesforce Interview questions asked by employers in the past couple of years. I have also tried to cover some real-time questions as well.
Below is the list of common Salesforce interview questions:

Question 1: Can two users have the same profile? Can two profiles be assigned to the same user?
Question 2: What are Governor Limits in Salesforce?
Question 3: What is a sandbox org? What are the different types of sandboxes in Salesforce?
Question 4: Can you edit an apex trigger/ apex class in production environment? Can you edit a Visualforce page in production environment?
Question 5:What are the different data types that a standard field record name can have?
Question 6: What is the use of writing sharing rules? Can you use sharing rules to restrict data access?
Question 7:What are the different types of email templates that can be created in Salesforce?
Question 8:What are dynamic dashboards? Can dynamic dashboards be scheduled?
Question 9:What are the different types of reports available in Salesforce? Can we mass delete reports in Salesforce?
Question 10:What are the different types of object relations in salesforce? How can you create them?
Question 11:What happens to detail record when a master record is deleted? What happens to child record when a parent record is deleted?
Question 12: Can you have a roll up summary field in case of Master-Detail relationship?
Question 13: Explain the term “Data Skew” in Salesforce.
Question 14:How to handle comma within a field while uploading using Data Loader?
Question 15: For which criteria in workflow “time dependent workflow action” cannot be created?
Question 16: How many active assignment rules can you have in a lead/ case?
Question 17: What is the difference between a Role and Profile in Salesforce?
Question 18: Why do we need to write test classes? How to identify if a class is a test class?
Question 19:What is minimum test coverage required for trigger to deploy?
Question 20: What are the different ways of deployment in Salesforce?
Question 21: What is an external ID in Salesforce? Which all field data types can be used as external IDs?
Question 22: How many callouts to external service can be made in a single Apex transaction?
Question 23: How can you expose an Apex class as a REST WebService in Salesforce?
Question 24: What is the difference between a standard controller and a custom controller?
Question 25: How can we implement pagination in Visualforce?
Question 26: How can you call a controller method from JavaScript?
Question 27: How to get the UserID of all the currently logged in users using Apex code?
Question 28: How many records can a select query return? How many records can a SOSL query return?
Question 29: What are the different types of collections in Apex? What are maps in Apex?
Question 30: How can you embed a Visualflow in a Visualforce page?
Question 31: What is the use of “@future” annotation?
Question 32: What are the different methods of batch Apex class?
Question 33: What is a Visualforce component?
Question 34: What is
Question 35: What all data types can a set store?
Question 36: What is an sObject type?
Question 37: What is the difference between SOQL and SOSL?
Question 38: What is an Apex transaction?
Question 39: What is the difference between public and global class in Apex?
Question 40: What are getter methods and setter methods?

If you have a question(s) in mind which you came across in your interview. Please share with us in the comment section and I will add the question(s) to this list.

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  1. I just faced some questions as follows:
    1] What is recursive in triggers?
    2] What is the best way to mention trigger ?
    3] What is work flow rules ?

  2. I heard this question from a friend who went for an interview:
    How do you edit a visualforce page?

  3. Thank you for the reply. I will add these questions to the post

  4. I just faced some questions as follows:
    1) How do you deactivate a trigger in production
    2) How you get more than 50,000 records in trigger
    3) difference between custom settings and custom Objects
    4) difference between actionFunction , actionSupport, actionRegion
    5) can we call @future method in Batch apex
    6) what is stateless and statefull in Batch apex
    7) what is viewstate
    8) how do we call in visualforce page another visualforce page
    9) difference between External ID and Unique
    10) can we insert multiple object records using Dataloader

  5. Thank you Jyothi.. These question were really helpful!!

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