salesforceherokuNote: There is no any other online training available which walks you through step by step how to integrate Salesforce application with Heroku application.

This is one and the only one course out there for you to understand the nitty gritty’s of Salesforce integration cycle.

If you are a Salesforce Developer, and you are asked to integrate your current application with another application which is deployed on a platform called Heroku, and you are stuck at what is heroku?, what will I need to integrate these two  applications?where should I start?, then you are at the right place and we will cover everything from Salesforce connect to Heroku connect to web service callouts to integrate your application with Heroku platform.

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Below are the content of the course we will cover:

Module 1 Salesforce Heroku Integration Methods Overview: Data Replication And Data Proxy  
Unit 1 Introduction to the course
Unit 2 Salesforce Heroku Integration Overview
Unit 3 What is heroku and how does it work?
Unit 4 How to create heroku account and Salesforce Developer Account?
Unit 5 Salesforce heroku integration Methods Overview: Data Replication and Data Proxy
Unit 6 Salesforce Integration with Heroku through Data Proxy
Unit 7 Overview of salesforce heroku integration methods
Module 2 Integration through Heroku Connect  
Unit 1 How to deploy app on Heroku?
Unit 2 How to add heroku add on: postgres and Heroku Connect?
Unit 3 Setting up Heroku Connect
Unit 4 Install heroku toolbelt and node js on windows
Unit 5 Running Heroku app locally
Unit 6 heroku git clone repository and making changes to the application for re-deploy
Unit 7 Commit and push changes to heroku app
Module 3 Salesforce Connect  
Unit 1 Overview of Salesforce Connect
Unit 2 When to use Salesforce connect?
Unit 3 Setting up Salesforce Connect
Unit 4 Create a new External Data Source
Unit 5 Creating a tab for external object to access data
Unit 6 Types of Relationship in External Object
Unit 7 External object relationships: Lookup Relationship, External Lookup and Indirect Lookup relationship
Unit 8 How to create external lookup relationship in salesforce?
Unit 9 View the external data
Unit 10 Overview of Indirect Lookup Relationship
Unit 11 Creating Indirect Lookup relationship between External and Standard object
Unit 12 Enable Chatter for External Data
Unit 13 View external data on mobile using salesforce1
Module 4 Salesforce Heroku Integration using Web Service Callouts  
Unit 1 Webservice callouts in salesforce
Unit 2 Installing app in Salesforce
Unit 3 Create heroku app from existing repo
Unit 4 Salesforce remote site settings
Unit 5 Apex web services and callouts
Unit 6 Invoking Callouts using APEX
Unit 7 Create an Integration Apex Class
Unit 8 Test the @future Method
Unit 9 Create a Trigger to Call the @future Method



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