Salesforce Developer Training for Beginners: Become Salesforce Developer

54 business and marketing concepts

Are you frustrated trying to learn how to program?

You came to the right place. My name is Deepika and I am here to teach you step by step how to become a programmer.

In this course we will learn about Apex Programming language used by Salesforce Developer to build applications.

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Why you should take this course?

If you have no programming experience but your goal is to become salesforce developer, this course will teach you step by step about every aspect of APEX starting from basics of programming like variables,data-types,loops,collection to advance concepts of APEX like Triggers, DML operation, Email services,Batch process etc.

This course is not a power point presentation, we will learn each and every concept with real-time examples. This is not just a classroom training but it will prepare you to resolve real time challenges at workplace.

After taking this course, you will not need any other guidance or any other material to pass your Salesforce Developer Interview because this course has everything to get your next job as Salesforce Developer.

Prerequisites of taking this course?

This course assumes no programming experience and takes you from absolute beginner in programming to an expert in APEX.

Check out the free preview of this course and I will see you in the course.

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Module 1 Introduction to Salesforce CRM  
Unit 1 Introduction to the course
Unit 2 What is Salesforce CRM?
Unit 3 How to create Salesforce Develoer Account?
Module 2 Basics of Programming Language  
Unit 1 What is programming language?
Unit 2 Variables in Programming
Unit 3 Write our First Hello World program in Salesforce
Unit 4 Variables and Expressions hands on activities
Unit 5 if else statement in salesforce
Unit 6 Difference between while and do while statements
Unit 7 for loop with example
Unit 8 Different types of Loops in Salesforce with example
Unit 9 for loop in salesforce with example
Unit 10 Advanced for loop in Salesforce
Unit 11 What is an Infinite Loop?
Unit 12 For each loop in Apex with example: Iterate over collection of elements
Unit 13 Break statement in for loop
Unit 14 Difference between break and continue statement ?
Unit 15 Nested for loop in Salesforce
Unit 16 How a Nested loop works?
Unit 17 Nested for loop in salesforce
Module 3 Object Oriented Concepts In Apex  
Unit 1 class and object
Unit 2 class and object with example
Unit 3 Difference between regular (non-static) and static methods
Unit 4 Difference Between Static and non-static Variable
Unit 5 What is Access Modifier and What are the different Access Modifiers available in Apex?
Unit 6 What is Constructor in Apex?
Unit 7 Extending a Class
Unit 8 Exception Class and Built-In Exceptions
Unit 9 How to create collections in salesforce?
Unit 10 Different types of collections: List, Set and Map
Unit 11 List methods in Salesforce
Unit 12 Difference between set() and add() methods of List
Unit 13 How to debug Incompatible collection type error?
Unit 14 How to sort elements of a List?
Unit 15 Overview of Set and Map in salesforce
Unit 16 Iterate over elements in a Set
Unit 17 Map in Salesforce with example
Unit 18 How to add values to a map in salesforce?
Module 4 Advance APEX concepts  
Unit 1 Creating, updating, and deleting records
Unit 2 Apex DML Operations: Delete and Undelete
Unit 3 Upsert: DML Statement in Salesforce
Unit 4 What is a Salesforce trigger?
Unit 5 How to write a Salesforce Trigger?
Unit 6 How to update a field on a new INSERT and do this in a TRIGGER?
Unit 7 Need a Update trigger to fire after record insert
Unit 8 Apex trigger to throw error message
Unit 9 Email Services in Salesforce with simple example
Unit 10 Outbound email service in salesforce
Unit 11 Inbound email service in salesforce
Unit 12 Governor limits in salesforce
Unit 13 Using Batch Apex
Unit 14 What is batch apex with example?

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