Basics of Apex Programming

Basics of Apex Programming

In this blog post, we will cover some basics related to apex programming. We will learn about datatypes, Variables and constants.

What is Apex class?

A class is a template or blueprint from which objects are created. An object is an instance of a class.
Let’s talk in detail about this class. Think of a class as a blueprint/design for a house, in the blueprint you define your bedrooms, bathrooms, layout of the house but nothing have been constructed yet. +Similarly Class is just a blueprint and just like you use the blueprint to construct houses, similarly we use class to create objects. Every class has three parts: Attributes, Methods and Constructors.

How to create a class in Apex?

[sourcecode lang=”Java”]

public class Employee
//define attributes
//define methods
//define constructors



Data Types and Variables:

Variables are typically used to store information. Every variable has a data type which tells us about the type of data we will store in the variable.
Below is the list of data types in Apex:

Primitive data types (Integer,String, Boolean,…etc)
Enum (an enumerated list)
sObjects (sObject, like Account, contact, opportunity or custom object)

Learn more about datatypes here

In order to use a variable in salesforce, we have to first declare the variable.

How to declare a variable in salesforce?


[sourcecode lang=”Java”]
Integer a; //declaring the variable and its type
a=25; //intializing the variable with value of 25


You can declare and initialize the variable in the same line as shown below:

[sourcecode lang=”Java”] integer a=25;[/sourcecode]

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