Are you interested in learning JAVA?

I have something very interesting to share with you today. Lot of students in the past  have asked me about ” Do I need to know JAVA  if I want to become a Salesforce Developer?”.So here is my answer:

In order to become a great Salesforce Developer, it is highly recommended that you have an understanding of other programming languages, but first and foremost Java. So, why you need to learn Java before learning Salesforce Development?

Java is a programming language which is very popular and it is widely used over different Platforms and Operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Java is also very similar to Apex. Apex is a programming language used by Salesforce developers and it is also called as sister language of Java because of the similarities between the two languages.

So if you are interested in learning Java, I am conducting FREE JAVA sessions this weekend and if you are interested to attend the session, please register for the training:



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  1. Sarita

    Sure I will be interested

  2. Sarita

    Sure I will be interested!

  3. Tawseef

    Let me give it a try.

  4. shailandra

    i am in

  5. Sharma

    Hi Deepika,
    I have already gone through your Java basics tutorial in struggling with many online videos. You have really made Java very simple with very simple example. Trust me, with that foundation, I have learnt advanced concepts and now working on automation and learnt python too very quickly. Really appreciated coming up with free classes. I wish you could take your basic videos to little advanced with more number of examples on oops and also with some project framework, then this could really help large number of learner’s. I trust only few can teach effectively 🙂


  6. Vinod Bellamkonda

    I am intrested

  7. Esther

    yes. I am interested

  8. Nayan

    How long is each session? I’ve signed up, but I need to know the duration of each session

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