Apex Interview questions with answers

Ques : Which SOQL statement can be used to fetch all records even from recycle bin ? Answer: “ALL Rows” ¬†clause of SOQL can retrieve all records, including the records from recycle bin. Question: How can you lock a record using SOQL to prevent it from being modified by another user? Answer: We will need … Read more

Top 5 User Experience issues in Lightning Experience:

As a user of Salesforce for so many years, I was used to working with Salesforce Classic but with the release of Lightning UI, I am falling in love with the new UI.While there are so many positive things with lightning but I also faced many frustrations with using Lightning UI. Tha majority of these … Read more

Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is Salesforce?? Salesforce is a company founded by Marc Benioff. Revenue of the company comes from a cloud-based CRM tool also referred as Salesforce CRM.   2) What is Sandbox??? Sandbox is a copy of production database. Before making any changes in the production, the changes are first tested in Sandbox and if … Read more

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